Strategic Investment

Our strategic investment business focuses on the key customers and strategic partners of BOC Group. We strive to accomplish the objective of BOC Group's overall business development plan, and to maximize the synergy effect within our Group. Relying on BOC's extensive business network and the abundant resource support from our parent company BOCGI, we are able to use our unique advantages to maximize investment return while maintain strong business corporation with other Group members and our business partners. Our investment business covers equity investment and bond investment.

Equity Investment

We develop our equity investment business mainly in Macau, Hong Kong and first-tier cities in the Pearl River Delta area, with emphasis on enterprises which have high growth potential, good track records and sound governance mechanism. Besides the target clients of BOC, we invest in small and medium enterprises in industries such as IT, modern service, retail, natural resource and media etc.

Fund Management

Our investment approach is based on disciplined due diligence process, effective exit mechanism, reasonable return target and portfolio diversification. We strive to create value by providing insights and risk management expertise to our investors and clients.

NPA Investment(Non-Performing Asset Investment)

We acquire various types of non-performing assets of BOC group by planning, underwriting, acquisitions and risk management to monetize the non-performing assets. With the experience and expertise of our team, we are expanding our NPA investment in Macau as well as Mainland China.