Property related to taxes

  1. Property turnover (Stamp Tax): Tax has to be paid when delegating sale and purchase for the property and the tax fee is 3%.
  2. House Tax: Each property has to pay to DFS, S.A.R.L every year, and it is calculated around 16% of the whole year rental fees.
  3. Crown Rent: The tax is extremely low if the housing rights of the land are belonged to the government.

Payments of real estate's business transactions
Tax and fees for the process of real estate's business transactions are as follows:

  1. Lawyer's office: Witness fees for provisional sale and purchase agreement, deed for sale and purchase, deed of mortgage, mortgage for sale and purchase, and lawyer's fees for canceling the contract. DFS: Property turnover
    ( Stamp Tax ).
  2. Secretaria Notarial / CN: Fees of setting up an agreement with stamp tax, copy of non-movable property transaction's testimonial, charge of canceling the mortgage.
  3. Conservat ria do Registo Predial(CRP): Charge for the certification of property's received and the registration written report of the property, registration fees for sale and purchase, mortgage and canceling the mortgage.
  4. The procedures of borrowing money.

Required information includes

  1. Certificate of ID for the applicants.
  2. Sale and Purchase agreement.
  3. Income tax bill or working certificate.
  4. Copy of housing tax bill if one's old building is used as a mortgage.
  5. Records' communications with the banks.