If customers want to look around the building, they need to apply the certificate of ID and fill in the registration form.


If there is a business deal happens for the property, both buyer and seller need to pay 1% of the business deal's price to the real estate as service fees.


If the customers make the orders to the real estate agent, both buyer and seller need to pay half of the service fees to the agent when they sign the provisional sale and purchase contract, and the remaining service fees should be paid off when the law firm handles over the formal contract or when changing names in the developer.


If the seller has to compensate the deposit or the buyer refuses to pay the deposit, both of them still have to pay the remaining service fees.


Service fees paid are not refundable for any reason, unless there is the possibility that the law firm or developer holds against the business deal.


When a deal of renting is made, both parties have to pay exactly one month of the fees for lease to the real estate agent as the service fees.


When ordering is made to the real estate agent, both parties have to sign the temporary rent contract, and have to pay half of the rental fees as service fees to the real estate agent, and the remaining fees have to be paid off at the time when the formal hiring contract is signed.


For the payment of all the service fees, both parties cannot take back from the real estate agency.


In relation to the property's deal's prevailing market rent, property turnover, fees for making a deed, identity fees and the fees of deed of exchange through the law firm is the buyer's responsibility. All the other fees due before the deal, liabilities, housing taxes and valuation taxes should go to the seller, and both buyer and seller are responsible to pay part of the required payment.


Following the arrangements by the real estate agent, if the deal is made between customers on their own within a time period not exceeding 2 months, both parties still have to pay the service fees to that real estate company.


When the other real estate is interested in the same property, each of the parties have to receive their own customers' service fees or to have a discussion according to the situation, but it should have to be said clearly before hand.


When one real estate introduces their customers to another real estate, the business deal should be finished in one of the real estate within two months, and one still has to calculate the commission to another.


When another real estate agency is succeeded in making the business, the proprietors who entrust their real estate agency should handle the provisional agreement.


To represent the selling of the whole building and the planning of the marketing promotion, the proprietors have to be charged at least 2% of the business deal's fees.


If the real estate does not follow the business rules and then makes a deal that causes a dispute, one can contact us.


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